Common Queries and Questions

We often times end up with our clients asking all types of questions. Please find the most frequent ones listed below.
  1. Why should I hire you when others prices are cheaper? In most cases cheaper is not always the better solution, the higher quality of work and the expertise of our employees is where the additional costs come from.
  2. What qualifies for a quality paint job? A quality paint job requires attention to details. Making sure you do a good job with the prep work and use a quality primer. It also takes the proper knowledge of how to apply the materials correctly and know the proper drying times before applying another coat or having contact with the paint.
  3. How do you prep a house for painting? We use different types of techniques from power washing to hand scraping and putting down primer on bare wood surfaces.
  4. If I decide to go with you to do the work on my home. Will you be the one doing the work? Yes. We do not subcontract work out to other companies in the area. We have great pride in our name and would never trust an outside company to do the work the right way for us.
  5. I have some rotted wood siding on my house, is there anything I can do? We can actually help with this as well. We can give you a bid for materials and labor. Once agreed to we can start ripping of the bad siding and and replace it for you.
  6. What will it cost? The best answer I can give you for this is, once all the materials, labor and cost to the company is established. A bid with the estimated cost will be given to you with your final cost.