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Your deck is a place that affords you a place to relax as well as entertain with your friends and family. However, when it’s faded or peeling, it may prevent you from using this great entertainment place, and become ugly, and sometimes unhealthy. Deck restoration is therefore a vital undertaking when you want to keep this equally important part of your home investment attractive. While you are living in Lincoln Nebraska and its surrounding areas, it’s crucial that you will need a deck builder and restoration services that will ensure you and your home’s deck is maintained to its optimum condition. You need to preserve the value of your home. Whether the deck only requires some protection or color from the elements, or its already showing signs of age, our professionals are going to make it look great. We carry out restoration services including cleaning, staining as well as sealing outdoor structures. Deck restoration is the solution to protecting the natural beauty of the wood and its original form. The wood on the deck may take quite some beating. Snow, rain, and sunrays may destroy quickly the conditions and looks of your deck. Constant temperature cycles that vary as much as 40 degree in a day, together with dry and wet cycles are going to expand and shrink the wood. This will cause it to crack, check as well as split. What are the benefits of staining and sealing your deck?
  • Extends wood life
  • Prevent splitting and cracking
  • Mildew, mold and fungus resistant
  • Protects from rain, sunlight and biological attack
  • Restores weathered wood
  • Protects natural wood color
  • Waterproofs wood through repelling water
We are going to evaluate your deck first before we do your deck restoration. During this initial stage, we explain to you what’s necessary so as to satisfy your expectations. You might have applied previously a film-forming stain and the deck floor is peeling. When this is the case, and you need a penetrative stain that fades as it ages, then the previous stain forming film should be removed. The best way to do this is deck sanding and stripping. In majority of cases, we prefer to apply a stripping chemical since it’s the most effective. However, for those stubborn stains, we are going to do sanding necessary for removal. Possessing an enormous amount of deck materials you can choose from is great. However, we do realize that you may not likely have limitless amount of money to invest. As a result, we will not punish you through teasing you with a limited selection, praying you’ll purchase more expensive materials as some deck builders do. We are going to work together with any sized budget due to our big assortment of deck materials. Ensure that you come today, or you can give us a call and you will discover that we mean business when we say that we are the best complete deck builders are restoration service in Lincoln, Nebraska. Let us take that tedious and time consuming work off your hands. We are going to take care of your deck restoration work from the beginning to the end, and you’re simply going to admire our services.