Deck Cleaning Solutions

A clean deck, besides being more appealing and inviting area for a barbecue, will also last much longer because the cleaning will help kill fungus, that may shorten the lifespan of your deck. When cleaning a deck, one of the 1st ingredients included in a deck cleaner is basically water, say for instance a gallon. The deck cleaning expert will then need the surfactant action-of soap, which he/she will mix in one ounce of all purpose, ammonia free household detergent and adds a half cup of sodium-hypochlorite, household bleach, which addresses the mildew and mold problems which have developed & will prevent their recurrence. The deck cleaning expert will use a different solution so as to remove stains & brighten the wood, he/she can then add a cup-of oxalic acid-crystals to the gallon of pure water. The deck cleaning expert will use the solution separately. Before mopping the cleaning solution on a deck, it needs to be completely clear-of debris, the deck cleaning expert will use a leaf blower or a vacuum to do that. He/she will use the chlorine bleach-solution 1st, mopping it on a deck & scrubbing it with hard bristle push-broom. He/she will then rinse the deck properly with pure water before using oxalic-acid. He/she will then allow the oxalic-acid solution to soak up for about 10 minutes, and then scrubs the deck with a broom, and rinses it off with water. Deck cleaning experts in Lincoln Nebraska can at times use oxygen bleach when cleaning outdoor wooden surfaces. However, don’t confuse oxygen-bleach with bottles-of liquid bleach you normally find in the grocery stores. These usually contain chlorine bleach. In case you happen to see words like sodium hypochlorite on the product label, you’re looking at bottle-of chlorine bleach. The oxygen bleach is basically a powder that’s mixed with pure water. Not all the oxygen bleaches are same. Some may have low quality ingredients which are manufactured off shore. while others have low amounts-of active ingredient inside them. Best oxygen bleaches basically have ingredients which are made in USA, and they’ve the highest amount-of active ingredient allowed by the law. As you may expect, the products are basically higher priced. Once the deck cleaning expert mixes the oxygen-bleach with water, it will create a solution which has billions of oxygen-ions. The powerhouse ions are non toxic, & they rapidly clean the algae, the mildew and the oxidized deck sealers. Oxygen bleach solution doesn’t hurt trees or plants, and it doesn’t hurt the natural color-of the wood. However, chlorine bleach, is highly-toxic to vegetation and plants. It’s also a strong oxidizer, and it can remove natural color from wood. Chlorine bleach may also accelerate corrosion of the deck bolts, nails, & framing connectors. Lincoln Nebraska deck cleaning experts also use the new synthetic resin sealers which have an epoxy-component. The epoxy deck sealer is UV stable, and lasts for years on flat surfaces of the decks. The new water based epoxy sealer which has a brand new synthetic-resin has been specifically developed for the cedar decks. The resin has much smaller molecular structure which can penetrate dense summer wood-on cedar decks. If you want to have your decks cleaned, contact Lincoln Nebraska deck cleaning experts and get to enjoy bright and shiny decks all year round.