With MDanekas it is easy to design your new deck. Deck Builder will help you to design it using standard shapes and sizes or a custom deck with simple answer a short questionnaire to start:
  • What is the approximate length of your deck?
  • What is the approximate width of your deck?
  • What shape and type do you want your deck?
  • Will the deck be attached to your home?
  • What type of material would you like?
  • What lumber do you plan to use?
  • How many levels do you want?
  • What is the deck height?
  • Would you like a border or pattern?
  • Let Deck Builder sketch out your new deck!
Finding the perfect Deck Builder in Lincoln Nebraska is as much creative art as an exact science. In many cases, buying a standard deck is not what exactly do you need for your home. But there is always a way to order a custom deck from our specialist Deck Builder. We are committed to build your custom deck a reality… The reality is that every custom deck always has it is unique use in your home.
  • Would you like a straight edge deck or curved?
  • Do you want built-in benches?
  • Would you like built-in lightning?
  • What style of railing would you like?
Every custom deck is unique! The perfect deck for your home is always build it to fit your specific needs. We are committed to build the deck that best accomplishes your objectives
  • Do you want skirting?
  • Do you want privacy walls?
  • How do you want your deck fastened?
  • Are you aware of our fast services quotation?
And you are well on your way to own your custom deck, we guarantee a world class service. Please feel free to answer all these basic question listed above about what your deck should be made. We will use this information to sketch a rough layout of what your desk should look like. In shortly you’ll receive a 3-D drawing of your dream deck with a list of materials and price. Also, we will book an appointment with you to answer all your questions that you may have. We’ll help you gather all the materials you’ll need, a comparison between lumber types and labor costs, so that you have all the facts to choose your best option or design before you start. Finally, Deck Builder will transform your deck idea into a real and beautiful looking custom deck. With our super fast quotation service you can stop wasting time and money and start the process to make your dream deck come true… a professional build it custom deck that will make you proud. Whatever you can think of your dream deck we will help you to make it real! The possibilities are endless with our fast custom service. You’ve got unlimited times to make changes to your deck before to start to make sure that is what you need. Send us your answers about your custom dream deck now and receive your quotations at no cost to you! Remember, all what you need is answer the basic questions listed above and contact us via mail, we will send you a quotation for your custom deck. You don’t like it, you can return it with your doubts. Contact us today!