Painting a deck can be a very tedious process. For best results, a lot of planning needs to be done. Without good preparation or when you have used wrong tools, the project can take even longer than anticipated. When you use stain, you have to refinish the deck at least every three to five years. With paint however, you will have to redo the work yearly. This is why you need to learn how to paint a deck the fastest way. Here is a quick look on how to paint a deck.
  • Prepare the surface of the deck Just like any other painting job, preparing the surface is just as important as the painting itself. The best way to start is by scrapping off any peeling paint. This is important because painting over an existing peeling paint will make the new finish to peel off sooner than you expected. Once the existing paint is removed, repair any lose pieces of wood or nails. All resultant nail holes should be filled with high-quality putty.
  • Clean the deck It is a common understanding that paints sticks best on a clean surface. Even a covered surface may still carry pollen, dust, dirt and other foreign materials. Before painting, it is advisable to spray the deck with a deck cleaner. The cleaner should be left on for about twenty minutes after which the deck is scrubbed with a stiff brush. The last cleaning process involves rinsing the deck with clean water and leaving it to dry.
  • Protect the surrounding area It is good to exercise caution when painting a deck by ensuring that the surrounding area is protected. Simply apply plastic sheeting to the side of the house then securing with a painter’s tape. Any shrubs or plants around the deck should be covered to protect them from the paint. Although many of these steps will most likely lengthen the whole project, it actually pays off in the long run. This is because by protecting your home from the paint, you save valuable time; replacing dead shrubs and plants or removing deck paint from your home can take much longer than covering everything at home with a plastic sheeting first.
  • Spray the paint This is the final and most important step. When it comes to painting a deck, it is recommended that you use a sprayer. Whether you have rented or purchased one, you can use this machine with a paint color of your choice. Most importantly, it covers the whole deck muck quickly than if you are using a hand brush. For best results, you should spray with the grain of the wood. Above everything, you should have a helper standby to help you smooth out any puddles using a handheld roller brush. Before applying the next coat, you should wait for the previous coat to dry off completely. It is advisable that you wear a protective eye wear, old clothes and a mask to protect yourself when using a sprayer. It is quite evident that painting a deck is not a walk in the park. There are several things to do before the painting process begins. With the above tips however, you will not have problems if you decide to give your deck a new coat of paint.